Peter Gilbert, PhD

Professor / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Vaccine and Infectious Disease and Public Health Sciences Divisions 1100 Fairview Ave N, M2-C200 Seattle, WA 981109

Peter Gilbert is a research professor at the University of Washington School of Public Health’s Department of Biostatistics, as well as a principal investigator at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Statistical Data Management Center of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.


Dr. Peter Gilbert is a biostatistician experienced in the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials for preventive vaccines against HIV and other genetically-diverse pathogens including dengue and malaria.

Training and Education

  • 1997
    Research Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health
  • 1996
    PhD, Biostatistics, University of Washington
  • 1994
    MS, Biostatistics, University of Washington
  • 1992
    BS, Mathematics, University of Washington

Research Interests

Through his work as a co-PI of the Statistical Data Management Center (SDMC) for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN) since 2004 and PI since 2011, Dr. Gilbert has centered on the design and analysis of HIV vaccine efficacy trials, for which he provided leadership for the design and analysis of the 7 HIV vaccine efficacy trials that have been conducted.

He also led the statistical design of the first efficacy trials of a broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibody (VRC01) for prevention of HIV infection. Dr. Gilbert received an NIH NIAID MERIT Award for a “Statistical Methods in HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trials” grant that focuses on statistical methods development for surrogate endpoint/correlates of protection evaluation and sieve analysis of pathogen sequences, conducted within the fields of semiparametric inference, survival analysis, and causal inference.

Moreover, Dr. Gilbert led adaptation of these methodologies to phase 3 dengue vaccine efficacy trials — research acknowledged by the 2019 ASA SPAIG Award.