Max Crispin, DPhil

Professor / University of Southampton

University of Southampton, Highfield Campus Southampton, England, United Kingdom SO17 1BJ

Professor Max Crispin joined Biological Sciences from the Glycobiology Institute at the University of Oxford.


Max Crispin runs the Glycoprotein Therapeutics Laboratory which is predominantly focused on developing anti-viral vaccines and new antibody-based therapies against cancer.

Training and Education

  • 2005
    DPhil, University of Oxford
  • 2001
    MBiochem, University of Oxford

Research Interests

Max Crispin focuses on the development of glycoprotein-based immunotherapies and vaccines. His lab is looking at the structure of the glycan modification of HIV Envelope spike as they form epitopes for broadly neutralizing antibodies, and investigates the relationship between the glycosylation of immunogens to that of native virions. By doing this, the laboratory is helping guide the development of lead vaccine candidates.