John R. Mascola, MD

Chief Scientific Officer, ModeX Therapeutics

22 Strathmore Road Natick, MA 01760

Dr. Mascola provides overall direction and scientific leadership to the basic, clinical, and translational research activities at ModeX Therapeutics. He oversees program operations, and recommends or develops new or revised research programs to advance therapeutic goals.


John Mascola joined ModeX Therapeutics as Chief Scientific Officer in 2022. Previously, he held the position of Director, Vaccine Research Center, NIAID, NIH where he served as a principal advisor to the director of NIAID on vaccines and related biomedical research affairs. He is also an expert consultant and advisor both nationally and internationally on the development of novel vaccine strategies against HIV, influenza, and other vaccines of high importance. Under his direction, the VRC established collaborative partnerships leading to the licensure of therapeutic antibodies and vaccines for Ebola and COVID-19.

Research Interests

His work focuses largely on vaccine design and antibody-mediated protective immune responses, including studies to understand the immunologic and immunogenetic characteristics that guide the development of neutralizing antibodies against viral pathogens.